Tuesday, May 31, 2016

the May EHAG Emporium happens tonight!

The May EHAG (Eclectic Halloween Artist's Guild) 
opens tonight at 8pm CST. 
Here's my offering for this month's show:

"I'll Melt with You"
original mixed media acrylic painting
by Melissa Belanger

Two modern witches caught out in the rain without an umbrella
= hazardous weather conditions for witches if one believes 
what one sees in the movies ;)

Luckily, it looks like cheerful moxie & an over sized hat 
will pull them through the storm.

Monday, May 9, 2016

2016 Spring Studio Show

Thanks so very, VERY much to all of you 
who stopped my Spring studio show this past weekend!!! 
Sarah Dudgeon's ah-mazing pottery 
as well as the fabulous Sarah herself combined with dreamy weather, 
made for a Perfect show weekend! 

& okay, here's what also happened: 
the Studio show was Saturday 
& all of my favorite people showed up on Friday 
to help with set up; fun ensued. 
(Thank you! Sarah, Renee, Linda, Kate, Kristen, Laura...Joe).

FAB show on Saturday, continued fun. 
Somehow, I had already lost my voice?
Also, none of us remembered to take photos during the event?!
Oh well....the show even had a perfect ending:
the "outdoor reclaimed wood lounge" was visited
by a delightful group of Amery gals;
"Scandanavian summer" mixed with the heavy scent of blooming lilacs
combined with small talk, music & sips of Proscecco
while being gently blanketed by falling Crabapple blossoms. yes.

I'm whispering to you all still: that I feel so very VERY lucky 
& filled with gratitude 
to be able to participate in this artistic lifestyle 
with so many wonderful collectors, friends, & artists!!! 
Thanks so very, VERY much to all of you for helping me 
to continue to do what I love to do.