Wednesday, September 2, 2015

BHG Fraidy Cats

So late last night, I decided to "super size" 
a couple of my BHG fraidy cats... 
who knew that they would resemble old time-y Circus Punks?! 
Love the new size, 
but I swear that if they decide to croon in the middle of the night, 
I will throw a shoe ('cause who knows what I will win?;)

As you probably have already guessed,
All of these Fraidy Cats 
will be headed to Ghoultide Gathering on October 3.


Wynne C Blue said...

I love these and can't wait to make a few of my own! Any way to see step-by-step instructions? BHG's text ones confused me in a couple of places.

Melissa Belanger said...

Sorry, I don't have an photos of these in progress. I will have completed Fraidy Cats available at the 2015 Ghoultide Gathering & in my Etsy shop afterward. I would love to see photos of your fraidy cats once you complete them!

Melissa Belanger said...

oops, I forgot that I have a fraidy cat progress photo on Instagram. I'm on Instagram as melissabel2010. I hope the photo will be of help:)