Sunday, May 17, 2015

I'm finally caught up!

I'm thrilled with how this
24"x36" commissioned painting turned out; 
but I think I am even happier 
to finally be caught up on special orders!

This painting was commissioned almost a year ago 
and the family has been patiently waiting for me 
to find the time to create it in between shows. 

I do appreciate being busy
and enjoy doing special projects for my collectors; 
but it will also be really nice 
to be completely free artistically for a while.

That being said, 
I love this painting so much 
I may have to turn around 
and paint another one that is similar. 
It would be perfect for my next show 
that opens in July!

To see the daily progress of this painting
during the past week, 
go to my Instagram feed @

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