Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Ghoultide Mascots

Signage and Mascots for Ghoultide Gathering.
These figures are based on 
one of my favorite paintings 
("Beware of Young Girls")from last year's show.

I think of these as 3-D paintings; 
same texture and style.
23" tall.

"Beware of Young Girls"
mixed media acrylic painting
LOVE this version of the song 
on youtube by Tavi Gevinson 
or listen to the original version
(even better) 
written about Woody Allen and Mia Farrow
by Dory Previn
BTW, as of 2013 
Dory was still performing this song;
Woody is such a DOG!!!
(and what about Mia?!)


Debbie Vogler said...

How much for the trick or treat girls?

Melissa Belanger said...

Hi Deb, I haven't decided on pricing yet. They will be available for purchase at Ghoultide Gathering in Chelsea, MI on October 4. I will contact you if I bring any of these masked girls back with me:)

Tammy said...

I loooove the dolls!! I really want one but don't live anywhere near Michigan :( You should open up an Etsy store and sell them there... just sayin' ;)

Melissa Belanger said...

Thanks Tammy! I mainly do paintings but I still occasionally make figures/art dolls.
I do have an Etsy shop:
and I will be listing my Halloween art after I get back from Ghoultide Gathering.

Debbie Vogler said...

Let me know the price. I may want one :)